Exalted: Jailbreak

Game Rules

The game play will begin in about a week – anyone who has a character made by then is welcome to begin playing. Anyone new can join in on the game once they have had a chance to finish making their character.

Character Creation

Get started on your characters now. For those unfamiliar with the Exalted setting, I will be posting a link to the electronic rulebooks once I figure out how. If you have questions or need help, let me know.

We are largely working on the honor system here, so you are free to create an Exalt of any type (Solar, Lunar, Sidereal, Dragon-Blooded, Abyssal, Infernal, Autochthonian, etc.) at that type’s starting level (usually essence 2). Any backstory you want is probably fine, as long as it includes your character spending some time in The Catacombs, as this is where all characters will begin.

If you want to go outside the standard starting package for your Exalt type, please run it by me. Thanks!

Game Speed

For the sake of moving the game along, we’re going to say that any time you are in a scenario with any other player characters, all characters are expected to be updating their actions at least once a day. If one player is posting way more than another, I may place a scene on hold until everyone has a chance to weigh in. If you are in a scene with someone else and you don’t post for more than 24 hours, it will be assumed that you character does nothing.

If you are interacting only with an NPC, I just ask you post at least once a week – I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible to any interaction you have with NPCs, but since it doesn’t affect anyone else you can take these scenes a little slower than the direct interaction scenes. These rules are subject to change on a situational need basis.

As you all may know, I travel a lot for work, and I may have days/weeks when I’m unavailable to update. Please bear with me – I will attempt to post something here if I’m going to be unavailable for an extended period of time. During this time roleplaying among players is still strongly encouraged, but GM interaction will be sporadic.

How To Play

For those unfamiliar with message board games, you just need to post what your character is doing or saying. Feel free to assume that your character succeeds at simple tasks (“Matt opens the door”). Actions that require rolls will be rolled by me, and the value of the roll will appear in the message I post describing your success and failure. Similarly, you can have simple interactions with NPCs without waiting for me (“Matt says ‘Hi, Jim.’ Jim looks up a the new voice with his blind eyes and responds with a smile, ‘Matt, long time no see!’”) – as long as you aren’t making an NPC act out of character, you can dictate their behavior. If you overstep, I’ll let you know and ret-con as needed.

If in doubt, please go ahead and ask me.

Game Space

The play will be divided into different areas of creation where your characters might be. Everyone will be starting in The Catacombs game space, but as you leave the prison (through totally legal means, I’m sure) we’ll open up new spaces as they are needed. Each game space will have an appropriately named message board, so that the boards don’t get too cluttered.

Thanks everyone – hope you have fun!

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