Some mysteries are too important to go unsolved. Although the rest of creation has already let the disappearance of the Scarlett Empress become a matter of rumor and myth, the Immaculate Order’s most powerful leaders have refused to let the matter rest. Finally, they have conscripted the Wyld Hunt into their search.

The day the Scarlet Empress disappeared, many new Exaltations of all kinds occurred in creation. After much mystical investigation, the Immaculate Order have identified 1000 individuals most likely to receive the magical essence shard of these Exalts when they reincarnate. Those 1000 individuals are now in the highest-security prison in Creation, a jail deep beneath the elemental pole of Earth on the Blessed Isle called The Catacomb, waiting until they achieve their destined power, at which point the Immaculate Order will begin their interrogation to find out the fate of their Empress.

You are a denizen of The Catacomb – a prisoner, perhaps, or a guard, anyone who might have reason to live in the foul darkness full of horrors that the Empire reserves for its most reviled prisoners. Are you resigned to your fate? Are you eager to escape? Will you help to unravel the mystery of the Scarlet Empress, or abandon her in favor of your own interests? What will you do if and when the Exaltation falls upon you? The Catacomb is intended as a prison, but with so many fate-touched individuals gathered together, it is also likely the launching pad for a thousand adventures. Emerge into the light and find your fate, if you dare.

Exalted: Jailbreak

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