Lunar Exalts

Quick Start Guide

Step 1 Character Concept

  • Choose concept (short phrase that describes the core of your character’s being – i.e. Stodgy Bureaucrat, Criminal with a Heart of Gold, etc.)
  • Choose a caste: Full Moon (warrior), Changing Moon (trickster), No Moon (mystic)
  • Choose a Motivation: a driving and epic goal for your character
  • Note your caste’s anima powers (found in the player manual)
  • Choose a Spirit Shape (any one animal you can shapeshift into at any time)
  • Choose a Tell (a physical trait that persists no matter your shape)

Step 2 Attributes

  • All attributes start with 1 dot
  • Prioritize Physical, Social and Mental skills – you will get 8 dots to put in your primary category, 6 dots to put in your secondary category, and 4 dots to put in your tertiary category
  • Divide the dots in each category among the attributes within that category – no attribute may be higher that 5 at game start.
  • Record your 3 Caste Attributes
  • Choose one non-Caste Attribute to be your Favored Attribute
  • Spend 1 additional dot on any Caste or Favored Attribute

Step 3 Abilities

  • Note Survival as a Favored Ability
  • Select 1 additional Favored Ability
  • Divide 25 dots among any abilities you choose – no ability may start at higher than 3 dots

Step 4 Advantages

  • Spend 7 dots on Backgrounds (found in the manual)
  • Choose 8 Charms or Knacks – note that all charms have prerequisite ability scores and may have prerequisite charms as well (found in manual)
  • Spend 5 dots on Virtues – no virtue may start at higher than 4 dots
  • Choose a Virtue Flaw based on your highest virtue

Step 5 Finishing Touches

  • Record your Permanent Essence (new Lunars start at 2 essence)
  • Calculate your Willpower score (sum of two highest virtues)
  • Calculate your Personal Essence Pool (Permanent Essence + [Willpower x2])
  • Calculate your Peripheral Essence Pool ([Permanent Essence x 4] + [Willpower x 2] + [Highest Virtue x 4])
  • Record your starting Health Levels (one -0, two -1, two -2, one -4, one Incapacitated)

Step 6 Bonus Points
You have 15 bonus points to spend – the prices for different traits are listed below

  • Attribute Dot: 3 Bonus Points for Favored/Caste Attributes, 4 for Non-Favored
  • Ability Dot: 1 Bonus Point for Favored/Caste Abilities, 2 Bonus Points for Non-Favored
  • Background Dot: 1 Bonus Point
  • Specialty: 1 Bonus Point
  • Virtue Dot: 3 Bonus Points
  • Willpower Dot: 2 Bonus Points (no higher than 8)
  • Permanent Essence Dot: 7 Bonus Points
  • Charm: 5 Bonus Point for Favored/Caste Ability Charms, 7 Bonus Points for Non-Favored
  • Knack: 6 Bonus Points

Lunar Exalts

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